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We are proud to have some of the best writers in the business. In fact, our success is built upon the great texts produced by our talented team of freelancers. Between them they have the skills and experience to write with authority on a vast range of subjects - and we can produce content in up to 18 different languages.

A passion for words

Our writers are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their work. We only use native speakers who have a thorough understanding of their language. With the greatcontent system you can communicate directly with them, either to set a price or discuss a brief in more detail.


I've been part of greatcontent's copy-writing team for over a year now, and I'm still surprised at the variety of subjects I get to create content about. There's a lot of satisfaction that comes from adapting your writing style to a fresh and interesting topic.

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Coming from magazine article writing my knowledge of how to write material for the online market was limited. Fortunately, when I linked up with greatcontent in 2013 the learning curve was made a lot easier by this company's sound advice and patience, resulting in my current 6 star status.


I joined greatcontent in January 2014 and particularly enjoy writing fashion and travel texts for clients. greatcontent offers interesting work, and the ordering system allows me to plan my workload several days in advance. It's now one of my preferred writing sites.


As the Editor of a magazine in central London, rhetoric and syntax are the tools of my trade. The greatcontent platform is ideal for me to keep active during downtime and offers an invaluable range of disciplines. The system is straightforward and dynamic pairing respected companies with high-quality, professional writers.


In addition to sharpening my writing skills, working as a writer for greatcontent has greatly expanded my knowledge of the world around me. The variety of content I have been asked to produce has been both extensive and exciting.


When I quit my day job as a copywriter and switched to full-time freelancing, greatcontent offered me a steady flow of work to pay my bills and hone my copywriting skills. Back in 2012, I battled all day to write a 500-word article, but now I can effortlessly churn out almost 3000 words per day. The sheer pleasure of crafting more words, meeting varied clients and earning a decent income drives me to greatcontent!

Lisa W.

After writing for nonprofits and the government for twenty years, I knew I would enjoy freelance writing but worried that I wouldn't have time to seek out new clients. greatcontent takes care of finding the clients and lets me know what they need, so I can focus on writing.


I've been with greatcontent since the early days, though when I first started I didn't really believe that it would be very profitable. Almost three years later and I'm still here. I've met some great clients, many of whom ask for me directly now, and last year I was GC writer of the year with over 50,000 words written! The staff are friendly, and even when I am moaning about small details they are polite and helpful.


I've been working for greatcontent for 14 months now. I'm a trained screenwriter and accuracy, economy and making every word count is everything, so the jobs I've done have been really useful for polishing my skills, and I've earned while doing it too!


I discovered greatcontent just over a year ago and in doing so I found a great platform that could match me with clients who appreciate my writing ability, and I certainly appreciate the positive feedback I regularly receive. Although I have been writing forever, both in my professional life and for pleasure, working with greatcontent has sharpened my skills and focus considerably. And it's so flexible - I can work anytime and anywhere!


With little idea of what to expect, I signed up to be a writer for greatcontent in 2013 and have never looked back. Working as a freelance writer for greatcontent has been a fascinating and rewarding journey, giving me the chance to write for some big company brands.


I started writing for greatcontent just over a year ago and honestly couldn't fault any part of the process. Generally, I find there is a good choice of writing jobs available on subjects I am interested in and, most importantly, payment is always sent promptly to my PayPal account!


I signed up for greatcontent in 2012 having spent many years working in the world of printed media. Working at greatcontent has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work for a wide range of clients and acquire and develop solid SEO and copywriting skills. I look forward to learning even more.


The work from GC is varied and interesting. I enjoy the challenge of each new job. My favourites are the travel destinations; it is like being a virtual traveller and I have broadened my own general knowledge in the process. The GC team are excellent too, always very helpful.


Every day with greatcontent brings something new. At the start, two years ago, I had no idea what "SEO" meant. Now, my mission is to bring real quality to SEO texts. There's so much writing on the Web that's mediocre. greatcontent sets out to change that.