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greatcontent crowd sources qualified talent for any text writing project and puts it to work for you efficiently through an online platform.

greatcontent gives you a clear and transparent overview of your projects. We run both manual and automatic quality checks daily to ensure you receive exactly what you request.

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Our advanced interface allows you to set up your orders across multiple languages and rely on our quality assurance controls. Content production supervision has never been so easy.

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Our personally recruited and qualified team of professional writers and translators can produce any type of text, on any topic, and tailor it to your requirements.

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The key to maximising your online presence lies in great website content, well written. Once upon a time, it was believed that stuffing your site with keywords i.e. the words that the Google search engine recognised in order to direct online searchers to relevant sites - was the magic formula for online success.

Before Google got wise to this practice and changed the game with its Panda updates, this often resulted in landing sites filled with repetitive, tedious phrases. Readability was forsaken in favour of the Holy Grail of online marketing - SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, driven by blatant keyword placement. Nowadays, sanity has returned and Google demands clarity of information. Great web content needs to be more than merely the fodder that attracts search engines to your site, but also an informative and interesting read.

greatcontent copywriters are committed to the provision of clear online information, well researched and written and perfect for both the online searcher and the search engine alike. When you choose our web content platform to source your online texts you can be confident we know what we are doing.

Our content provision is driven by up-to-date marketing practices which result in high quality texts, expertly delivered. They are interesting, informative and engaging to read!

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