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Translation & transcreation services

Translate or localise (transcreate) any kind of existing content using our network of professional writers actively working in 18 languages. Contact us and we will create a customised proposal adapted to fit your request.

Classic translation services

Have your document translated accurately from, or into, any language from our network.

  • For legal, medical, technical texts
  • Precision, exactness
  • 100% accuracy
Creative transcreation services

Transform the source material into a more culturally specific text in the target language.

  • Content for e-commerce
  • Creativity, localisation
  • 100% audience-oriented
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How it works

In order to achieve our clients’ aims, greatcontent puts both traditional translation services and innovative transcreation services at your disposal.

Translation is the literal transformation of a text from a source to a target language, used for rather static and more factual content. Transcreation, however, involves using a source-text as a touchstone to create a new, more culturally and linguistically appropriate text that resembles the original, but is adapted for the target audience and is a recommended option for marketing texts. More about transcreation

Structure 100% same as the original text Can make changes to the original structure
Style & tone Same as the original text Adapted to reflect common usages in the target language
Information Exactly as in the original text The same information adjusted for the new reader where appropriate
Feel of the text Correct but not spontaneous Integrated with the target reader's language patterns
Kind of text Legal, medical, technical texts Prosaic web content, such as product or category descriptions
Cost From 12 pence per word From 5 pence per word
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Discover more content writing options with us

greatcontent brings you an expert management team to ensure the quality of the texts you order. They work in tandem with a wide network of professional content writers to enable you to create all kinds of text content for both websites and offline use.

Copywriting services

Do you need some content written? Then read on to learn about the copywriting services we provide.

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Editorial services

For your special projects make sure to check out our editing and quality management options.

On editorial services

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How Can 'Transcreation' Benefit Me?

Your business or website may require translation services from time to time, that is, the literal translation of a text word-for-word. However, if content has been written for a particular audience in a particular language, will the message resonate with a new audience?

There are many subtle language variations regionally and internationally, and some sentiments just don't translate well. Transcreation, as opposed to just pure translation, uses a writer's knowledge of their native language to adapt a text for an audience they know well. Allowing a writer some creative licence means they can tailor a text perfectly to its newly intended audience.

This element of freedom in transcreation also lets the personality of the writer as well as the underlying message of the content shine through, rather than being diluted by words and phrases that may have no meaning or resonance in a new language.

It may seem like a risk to let a writer interpret your text rather than translate it word for word like a traditional translation service, but it's far from it. The most important thing about content is the message. By giving the writer less shackles when it comes to exact creation, they can focus more time and energy on the focus of your piece. Pure translation definitely has its place but transcreation is great value compared to conventional translation prices, plus it's fast way to get quality content written for a new language audience.

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Written by shereemilli