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Translation services

Translate any kind of existing content using our network of professional writers actively working in 18 languages. Contact us and we will create a customised proposal adapted to fit your request.

Classic translation services

Have your document translated accurately from, or into, any language from our network.

  • For legal, medical, technical texts
  • Precision, exactness
  • 100% accuracy
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How it works

In order to achieve our clients’ aims, greatcontent puts both traditional translation services and innovative transcreation services at your disposal.

Translation is the literal transformation of a text from a source to a target language, used for rather static and more factual content. Transcreation, however, involves using a source-text as a touchstone to create a new, more culturally and linguistically appropriate text that resembles the original, but is adapted for the target audience and is a recommended option for marketing texts. More about transcreation

Structure 100% same as the original text
Style & tone Same as the original text
Information Exactly as in the original text
Feel of the text Correct but not spontaneous
Kind of text Legal, medical, technical texts
Cost From 12 pence per word
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Discover more content writing options with us

greatcontent brings you an expert management team to ensure the quality of the texts you order. They work in tandem with a wide network of professional content writers to enable you to create all kinds of text content for both websites and offline use.

Copywriting services

Do you need some content written? Then read on to learn about the copywriting services we provide.

On copywriting

Editorial services

For your special projects make sure to check out our editing and quality management options.

On editorial services

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Contact our team to receive an offer for your text writing project and/or complementary services.

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Contact us to request an offer for your project. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Call us or write to us at:
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